stocks your hydraulic replacement parts for ALL of your needs.

Dover Hydraulics stocks a wide range of hydraulic replacement parts - and this in turn enables us to deliver fast turnaround on all of your repairs.

We work with our customers to identify critical components, and then we stock hydraulic replacement parts for their units so the right parts are on hand when needed.

With your parts in our inventory, Dover can control the turnaround time on your repair and service work, compared with having to wait on hydraulic replacement parts to arrive from the component manufacturer.

We recommend that you share your "installed base" with us. That way, you will be assured we'll have a complete inventory of your hydraulic replacement parts ready when you need them.

Pneumatic and surplus replacement parts for you, too! In addition, Dover Hydraulics will manage a variety of manufacturers' parts inventory for you, including pneumatic replacement parts.

We also maintain a comprehensive inventory of hydraulic cylinder and component surplus parts.

What does all mean to you? You tell us! Call us today to discuss your hydraulic maintenance, service and parts needs. Find out why thousands of others have come to recognize Dover Hydraulics as their comprehensive one-stop partner for their cylinder and component maintenance needs. Call us toll-free, 800-394-1617. Or click here to reach an authorized service and parts representative.

Dover offers comprehensive programs for Eaton, Hydrokraft, Linde, Glual and A.L.B.A.

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Comprehensive Repair & Testing

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