can handle ALL of your hydraulic cylinder repairs.

Dover Hydraulics' certified technicians and highly experienced machinists provide professional, comprehensive cylinder repair work for large and small cylinders, even up to 30 feet in length.

With experience in steel, aluminum, mobile, construction and other heavy-load pneumatic and hydraulic cylinder applications, the Dover Hydraulics team members combine to put their skills and knowledge to work on your projects. Our Engineering Department also can develop suggestions to enhance the service life of your hydraulic cylinders. Dover's crane capacity ranges up to 20 tons, so no hydraulic cylinder repair job is too big.

Here's what your Dover Hydraulics team does for your hydraulic cylinder repair needs:

DIAGNOSTICS - Our engineers and technicians analyze factors contributing to hydraulic cylinder breakdowns and failures, and deliver hydraulic engineering solutions that result in fixing the root causes, not just the worn or broken parts.

TESTING - Our capabilities are unsurpassed. We have invested in the hydraulics industry's most comprehensive testing and calibration equipment. When your cylinder repairs are complete, Dover Hydraulics load tests the equipment to make certain the damaged units are back to full performance. All hydraulic cylinder repair work is fully tested to 150 percent the specified operating pressure. Newer cylinders with electro-hydraulic controls can be tested and position sensors can be certified, as well.

WARRANTY - We cover our hydraulic cylinder repairs with a full warranty.

JOB TRACKING - Dover Hydraulics tracks every job's progress and the complete history of service on your cylinders, through our industry leading Automated Tracking System. This computerized system tells us in real time where your cylinder is in our facility and what has been done in any previous work in our shops. We use this system for every job that we process.

Comprehensive work - at whatever level you need. Dover recognizes all customer requirements are not the same. For that reason, we offer levels of repair service to accommodate your individual needs. And our computerized tracking system - the most comprehensive in the business - allows us to identify and eliminate repetitive repairs.

All of this means less downtime, better performance and lower maintenance costs for you.

Let Dover do all of your cylinder work. What does all mean to you? You tell us! Call us today to discuss your hydraulic maintenance, service and parts needs. Find out why thousands of others have come to recognize Dover Hydraulics as their comprehensive one-stop partner for their cylinder and component maintenance needs. Call us toll-free, 800-394-1617. Or click here to reach an authorized service and parts representative.

Dover offers comprehensive programs for Eaton, Hydrokraft, Linde, Glual and A.L.B.A.

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Comprehensive Repair & Testing

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