delivers around-the-clock hydraulic troubleshooting.

We call it our "All-Around-The-Clock Service." Whenever you need us, Dover Hydraulics is ready and equipped to do your hydraulic troubleshooting at your location.

We are a full-service organization for hydraulic troubleshooting - available all of the time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for you.

Our trucks and trailers are outfitted to deliver a comprehensive range of hydraulic troubleshooting services, and manned by highly trained technicians whose experience is as comprehensive as the equipment they operate.

Regardless of your needs - cylinders or components - Dover Hydraulics troubleshooting will find your ailments and get them back to full healthy service.

What does all mean to you?

You tell us! Call us today to discuss your hydraulic maintenance, service and parts needs. Find out why thousands of others have come to recognize Dover Hydraulics as their comprehensive one-stop partner for their cylinder and component maintenance needs. Call us toll-free, 800-394-1617. Or click here to reach an authorized service and parts representative.

Dover offers comprehensive programs for Eaton, Hydrokraft, Linde, Glual and A.L.B.A.

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Comprehensive Repair & Testing

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